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The moves we have had through Two Small Men have been a godsend for our clients. We are very appreciative of your work and your workers. You have been flexible and patient which is so beneficial for those clients who are experiencing a huge upheaval in their lives. The toys you have provided to moms during their moves have also been very welcome. Thanks for all you do in the community.

Sarah Cornett, Executive Director | Lurana Shelter

I can’t express how amazing this service is for us, normally we have to do these moves ourselves and the amount of staff we have helping is dependent on their schedules and how busy everyone is. Sometimes it’s just two staff members, trying to lug beds and couches up steep staircases (in the winter, this becomes even more treacherous when everything is covered in snow and ice!). So we are extremely thankful for the movers donating their time and energy to us once a month!

Staff Member, Boys & Girls Club of Calgary

These guys do indeed have Big Hearts !! We have moved too many times to count over the years + this goes down as one of the smoothest. They did a great job getting us moved over a long distance for a very reasonable price. Our contents were well packed, loaded + unloaded with great care. Moving is stressful + these guys helped prevent major meltdowns. Many thanks!!

Sharon Popick, Edmonton | Google Reviews

I’ve moved a couple times in the last year and I always say I will hire movers, this time I did! Brian and (sorry forgot the other guy’s name) were fantastic! They were quick and careful. Made moving stress free. They were laughing and joking the whole time, even going up 3 flights of stairs. 2 Small Men with Big Hearts was a great price. I will definitely contact them again when I move! Money well spent.

Michelle Commodore, Winnipeg | Google Reviews

Good experience from booking onward. Helpful staff, and patient with unforeseen scheduling changes. Tony and Kelly powered through regardless of the crazy weather (and unexpected little challenges that popped up). They were both friendly and professional, and demonstrated that there is still excellent Customer Service out there! Thank you for ALL your help…and your kindness.

Katia Land, Richmond | Google Reviews