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Moving to Fort McMurray, AB is supposed to be exciting especially with the help of Fort McMurray movers. Our focus is to try and ensure you have fun with the move instead of worrying about every little thing. We offer a wide range of services that can help you with everything from packing to storing the things you don’t have room for. Our Fort McMurray movers can be just what you need to make moving day a success.

Moving To Fort McMurray, AB With Help From Fort McMurray Movers

When you’re moving to Fort McMurray, AB there’s so much to do. Instead of trying to do all of the moving on your own, we can do all of the coordinating for you. Tell us when moving day is and we’ll help you with all there is to do. Our Fort McMurray movers will show up on moving day with a moving truck. We’ll also send at least two movers.

You don’t need to worry about any lifting. Our Fort McMurray movers have got the buddy system down to a science. We also have a lot of equipment on the truck designed to get everything safely into it without any kind of damage. Hand trucks, dollies, and furniture pads will all be utilized.

Driving a moving truck should only be done by professionals. Our Fort McMurray movers will use GPS to get to your new home in a timely fashion. We will handle the traffic and everything else so you don’t have to stress about it. Plus moving to Fort McMurray, AB shouldn’t be any more stressful than it needs to be.

Once we arrive at your new home, we’ll get everything moved inside. Our Fort McMurray movers will ask you where everything should go. This will make it easier for you to avoid moving anything that you don’t need to. When you’re moving to Fort McMurray, AB you should have assistance. Ask our movers to help with bed assembly, putting boxes on the counter and various other things that you need help with.

Asking For More Help From Fort McMurray Movers

Fort McMurray movers will be able to help you with many different things. If you want help beyond moving day, all you need to do is identify what you need assistance with and let us now. We are a full service moving company designed to help with moving to Fort McMurray, AB.

When you want help with packing, we are happy to assist. Our Fort McMurray movers happen to do a wonderful job with packing. We supply our movers with all the boxes and packing materials that are needed. We will then go into each room of your home, boxing up everything that needs to be boxed.

When you want help with storage, our Fort McMurray movers are able to help as well. Moving to Fort McMurray, AB shouldn’t be about taking up all the space in your garage and closets with things you don’t use very often. Instead, let us find you the right storage unit at a self-storage facility. We’ll even get it all moved inside for you.

Our Fort McMurray movers are here to help, so contact us and see how much better we can make moving day.



fastest mover!!!
Greg C.6
Fort McMurray | Sept. 12, 2013

Our family has moved couple times, but this time is the fastest one! You guys saved our butts and this is huge because we had a tight schedule. Will recommend you guys on Yelp to other people who need you!

Packed very carefully
Jeff McDonald1
Fort McMurray | April 6, 2013

This is the first time I hired Two Small Men, I had no comparison but I feel that they did a good job for me. I have a big family with four kids, and we don’t have much valuable furniture, but they helped us pack our stuff very carefully and in an organized way. We moved from Northeast Edmonton to Fort McMurray and they really helped in making it easy. We appreciated it!


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