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When you’re moving to Abbotsford, BC with Abbotsford movers, you want to make sure that you are able to get the contents of your old home to your new home without any complications. For this reason, it’s important to focus on hiring Abbotsford movers. We offer a wide range of services to make sure that moving day is very easy for you.

Once our drivers get to your new home, they will do all of the unloading. If you ever thought moving to Abbotsford, BC was inconvenient, with the help of our movers it will be very convenient. Focus on what you want and make sure to ask our movers to help you. This includes asking for boxes to go in particular rooms of the house or asking for assistance with setting up the beds and frames.

Moving To Abbotsford, BC With The Help Of Abbotsford Movers

Trying to move everything on your own isn’t a very good idea. Our Abbotsford movers have years of experience. This means that our Abbotsford movers will make short work of getting everything you own into the back of one of our clean moving trucks. We will provide you with at least two Abbotsford movers to help you with moving to Abbotsford, BC so you don’t have to lift a finger.

When we arrive on moving day, our Abbotsford movers will use a wide range of equipment to ensure your furnishings are loaded properly into the back of the truck. We will use furniture pads and much more to protect everything so it arrives at your new home in good condition. Our written guarantee also provides you with the knowledge that it will arrive or we will cover the damages.

Other Services Offered By Abbotsford Movers

Our goal is to try and make moving day a low stress event for you. When you’re moving to Abbotsford, BC, you likely have a very long list of things to do. We would like to try and help you with that list as much as possible, which is why we offer many other helpful services.

Moving your vehicles can be handled by our Abbotsford movers. Just let us know how many need to be moved, and we’ll handle the rest. This allows you to focus on moving to Abbotsford, BC in a way that it is convenient for you.

Storage can also be provided by us. When you’ve got too much stuff to move to Abbotsford, BC we can help. Just let us know how much needs to be stored and our Abbotsford movers will locate the right size storage unit. On moving day, we’ll bring everything from your old place to the storage unit and then to your new home, which will save your time and energy.

We can also help with packing everything in anticipation of moving day. Our Abbotsford movers will show up with boxes and anything else needed to get everything you own into a box. Moving to Abbotsford, BC doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do, which is why we invite you to see what services we offer.



Easier than I expected
Matthew Lam2
Abbotsford | March 8, 2013

This is the second time I called Two Small Men With Big Hearts after I relocated to Abbotsford. I found that they are very reliable with what they do and made moving easier than I expected. I'd hire them again when I need to move and already shared that on their Homestars page. Thanks.

We appreciate that you guys helped us to get everything packed
Wendy Barrett5
Abbotsford | Feb. 7, 2013

My family updated our apartment to a new house and we called Two Small Men With Big Hearts. We are very sorry that when you guys arrived here we did not finish packing. And we appreciate that you guys helped us to get everything packed and did not charge for the extra money. Thank you so much for that!


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