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Moving long-distance from Osoyoos? 

Two Small Men with Big Hearts is Canada’s largest network of independently owned and operated moving businesses. We have offices in most major Canadian cities, but unfortunately not in Osoyoos.  However, our skilled and experienced residential movers pass through and deliver to the Okanagan and Kootenays weekly—and we can give you an amazing price on your long-distance move.

We want to hear from you! If you’re planning a long-distance move from Osoyoos, reach out to us today for a free estimate and availability. Fill in the form or give us a call at 1-800-727-6255 and one of our friendly Move Coordinators will be happy to help!

These are the types of long-haul services we offer from Osoyoos, BC and anywhere in your area: 

Flat Rate Dedicated Moving 

With the Flat Rate Dedicated moving service, we’ll send a team and dedicated truck from to pick up your and deliver your furniture to your destination. The service includes all the necessary equipment and a red-carpet floor runner service. 

The greatest advantage of this option is that the price is guaranteed—provided that your items can fit in one full-sized, five-ton truck. You won’t have to worry about how much it weighs or how long it takes! We guarantee our flat rate, come rain, snow, or fire. 

Another advantage of the dedicated load is that we can guarantee the pick-up and delivery date. Typically, if the shipment is between Alberta and BC, or goes to Vancouver or Vancouver Island, we can pick up one day and deliver the next! 

Flat Rate Back Haul Moving 

We offer Flat Rate Back Haul moves when a dedicated load delivers in your area and is scheduled to run empty back to your destination city, such as Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver or Winnipeg. We can sometimes offer discounted pricing for Flat Rate Back Hauls. 

Broker Shared Loads Moving 

Broker Shared Loads moves are often the most cost-effective option for a long-distance move. These shipments are often billed according to the weight or the cubic volume of the contents and are shipped on a truck as part of a combined load with more than one customer. 

Shared loads can be economical, but the final charge isn’t be determined until the shipment is loaded and we can weigh its contents. 

Since we need to coordinate several customers as part of the long-distance run, delays can occur if a customer has a delayed possession or some other circumstance. Because of this, we typically offer a 2-day window for pick up and a longer window for delivery! 

We Offer Moving and Packing Supplies 

Moving Services 

Our basic moving services include two local movers and one moving truck. If you need them, we can also provide additional movers and trucks for your move. 

Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies 

Two Small Men’s movers come prepared with a variety of different moving boxes to suit your packing needs. If you choose to take advantage of our packing services, or if you want to do the packing on your own and just need the supplies, we can provide: 

  • Small boxes (two cubic feet) 
  • Large boxes (four cubic feet)
  • Wardrobe boxes 
  • China barrels
  • Small and large picture boxes 

Other Moving Supplies 

In addition to moving boxes, our moving company can provide you with the following moving supplies for your move: 

  • Floor runners 
  • Moving blankets 
  • Mattress bags

Two Small Men with Big Hearts is a full-service moving company with offices all across Canada. That means whether you need to move across the street or all the way across the country, we can get you there. 

Some facts about us: 

  • We do residential and office moves 
  • We can move you locally or long distance 
  • We always offer an accurate, free moving estimate 
  • We provide a variety of additional moving services like packing, storage, and vehicle transport 

What Makes Us Different 

Two Small Men’s movers are the best choice for moving from or within your region. Why? Because we truly care about your move. When you move with us, we treat all of your belongings like they are our own. You can trust us to get you into your new home as safely and efficiently as possible. 

We know moving day can be difficult, so we’re dedicated to making sure all of our clients have a stress-free and easy moving day. 

One thing that sets us apart from other moving companies is that we offer more than just moving. So, whether you need some packing supplies or services, need your vehicle transported, or are looking for a local storage company to store your belongings, we can help you out. 

What to Expect 

Here’s what our moving process looks like: 

When booking your move: 

  • You’ll speak with a friendly Move Advisor to determine your specific needs 
  • We’ll determine the best value offering for your move 
  • We’ll send written confirmation of the booking to you 
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message with the opportunity to add information about your move 
  • You’ll have the opportunity to order extra packing supplies such as mattress bags and wardrobe boxes 
  • Throughout the process, your Move Advisor will offer advice and tips (including tips on how to save money on your move) 

 On moving day: 

  • You’ll receive a text or call from your movers when they’re on their way 
  • Your crew will arrive and determine the best location to park the truck for access 
  • You’ll work with a friendly Driver to plan your move 
  • All of your furniture will be wrapped in moving pads, transported to the truck, and safely loaded 
  • Your movers will deliver all items to your room of choice in your new home 


After service: 

  • We’ll send you a survey to determine your overall experience with our moving company 
  • We’ll use the data you provide to us to improve our quality of service 

Moving Around the City 

Have to move to, from, or within a city or town nearby? 

We’ll help you in nearly any location in Ontario or Canada. If you live in a town nearby, just choose Kamloops when booking your free moving estimate. Feel free to contact us to ask about the rest of our moving services. 

Adventure. Relax. Do a little bit of both. From incredible ski slopes and gold courses unique shopping experiences, Osoyoos, BC has something for everyone. The southernmost gem of the Okanagan Valley, Osoyoos hosts plenty of great beaches and parks that are ideal for families and all kinds of activity seekers. 

If you love hot summers, you’ll love it in Osoyoos. The unique climate here lets orchards and vineyards flourish, making the region one of Canada’s major wine producers. You’ll be surrounded by unmatched natural scenery and serenity in this Okanagan Valley town. 

Fun facts:

  • Osoyoos Lake is the warmest freshwater lake in Canada. 
  • It has the hottest daytime temperatures in Canada. 
  • The Okanagan Valley was a major fur trade route in the 1800s.