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Surrey Movers

11180 Scott Rd, Surrey, BC, V3V 8B8, Canada


Moving to Surrey, BC with Surrey movers shouldn’t be the hardest task of your life. We are in business to ensure you can move to your new home without having to stress out. We offer a lot of services, a great team of Surrey movers, as well as large moving trucks to help you with your move. Contact us about how we can make your move easier.

Moving Day with Surrey Movers

When we arrive on moving day, we will take care of all there is to do. As soon as we arrive, we will figure out what is staying and what is going. You will have at least two Surrey movers to help move all of your furniture. By using the buddy system, we ensure that your things are being handled with the utmost level of care.

As we load the moving truck, we will be paying attention to how everything is laid out. Moving to Surrey, BC shouldn’t mean having to replace anything, which is why we use furniture pads and more to protect your furnishings. We don’t want any damage coming to your property during transit, but should it happen, we offer a guarantee.

Perhaps one of the best services we offer is when we arrive to your new home. Our Surrey movers will unload everything and move it into your house. Moving to Surrey, BC should mean getting settled quickly and with our help, you can. Our Surrey movers will assemble bed frames, place boxes in the various rooms of your house and help with much more.

Our Surrey movers understand how chaotic moving can be. When it comes to moving day, we want to make sure moving to Surrey, BC is very easy for you.

Surrey Movers Can Help with Moving to Surrey, BC

There’s more to moving to Surrey, BC than just moving day. If you look at your to-do list for moving, you will find that there is quite a bit of things to do. Unlike many other Surrey movers, we want to help you with more than just a truck and some labor. We offer other services that help you with every aspect of moving.

Boxes are important when moving to Surrey, BC. If you don’t have the right boxes, your belongings won’t be well protected. We sell a massive line of packing products including many boxes, packing materials and more. Our Surrey movers can even help you with finding the right the box.

Packing is a vital part of moving to Surrey, BC. If you don’t have the time to pack, it can be hard to be ready for moving day. Our Surrey movers can be hired to help you with the packing. We’ll bring boxes and our expertise to get everything in your home boxed up and ready to move.

When you’re moving to Surrey, BC, it’s all about being prepared. We offer many services to help you. We can make moving easier by helping with everything from packing to storing and anything in between – just contact our Surrey movers.



Richard Kiers7
Surrey | June 7, 2013

I moved from a small town near Surrey and there was lot of furniture and old stuff that needed to be moved.  If I rented a truck, there’s no way for me to carry it all by myself, so I hired Two Small Men, and they helped me to move the heavy furniture and carry it to the new house.  I am more than happy to pay for your excellent help. Thank you guys for your efforts!

Had storage space
Marline D.1
Surrey | Oct. 5, 2012

I have a small shop and got new counters just prior to my move. I was planning to sell the old ones, but had nowhere to put them. When I contacted Two Small Men, they told me they had storage space I could rent and helped me move all my things in one day. Very convenient - Cheers!


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