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Planning on moving to Winnipeg, MB without Winnipeg Movers? If you don’t want to be responsible for every aspect of the move, we can help. Our Winnipeg movers have a wide range of skills that makes it easy for you to take a hands-off approach when it comes to moving. We’ll handle everything from moving day to the tasks that must be handled before and after moving day as well.

Help On Moving Day With Winnipeg Movers

Moving day can be stressful if you let it get to you. Our Winnipeg movers are focused on helping you with everything so that doesn’t happen. We will arrive at your house on moving day at the scheduled time. At least two of our movers will show up with dollies, furniture pads and much more. We will then carefully get everything from your home into the moving truck.

There’s no work required from you when moving to Winnipeg, MB. Once you make the call to book our services, we are in charge of getting everything from your old home to your new home. We are even prepared to be held financially responsible for any damages that may happen during transit. This ensures your things are in good hands every step of the way.

Once we arrive at your new home, our Winnipeg movers are going to help you get comfortable in your new home. We understand that moving day is stressful because you have to create a home out of your new house and that means emptying a lot of boxes. As our Winnipeg movers begin to fill your home with boxes and furniture, let us know where everything goes.

Moving to Winnipeg, MB is easy with us because our movers will place things where you want them. We can place a TV on the entertainment center, and we can set up the bed frame to then put the box spring and mattress on top of it. If there’s something our Winnipeg movers can be doing to make moving easier, let us know.

Make Your Life Easier With Winnipeg Movers

There’s a lot more to moving to Winnipeg, MB than just moving day. While moving day is perhaps the most stressful day, there are many other tasks that must be performed before and after moving day that you can pass to us. Our Winnipeg movers may surprise you with the services we offer.

We can do the packing. Our Winnipeg movers will arrive to your home a few days before moving day. Tell us what rooms to pack and we’ll box up everything in sight. When you’re moving to Winnipeg, MB, you should be using quality boxes, which we’ll supply, too.

We can do the storing. Our Winnipeg movers will happily find you a storage unit for any items that you don’t have room for or don’t use frequently. Moving to Winnipeg, MB then becomes easier because you have the room you need.

Moving to Winnipeg, MB can be very easy when you hire our company to help you.



A reputable company
Marissa Yorkdale4
Winnipeg | April 6, 2015

Hiring a reputable company like Two Small Men Movers with Big Hearts was a great factor for a smooth, relaxing moving day. My family just moved in an apartment and we were very satisfied. Though they were late for a couple of minutes, it’s quite rewarding because we don’t have to worry about the rest of the work. They were reliable and even if we demanded a lot of things, they did what they promised.

Our office was relocated from Main St. to Notre Dame Ave
Kevin Ng1
Winnipeg | Dec. 23, 2013

Our office was relocated from Main St. to Notre Dame Ave. and  I got a very good moving experience with Two Small Men Movers. They helped us pack and unpack the furniture and equipment. Even though they charged me for an hourly rate, it was worth spending because of the satisfaction they gave to our company. Good service, very reliable and very professional.

I just moved here to Oakview Place
Janice O’Shea7
Winnipeg | Aug. 17, 2013

I just moved here to Oakview  Place and moving was not that easy for me and my family. I couldn't sleep the night before my move-in day because I was so stressed out from the nightmare of haven’t finished packing yet, at the same time a heavy snowfall occurred on my moving day. I thought I could not get out from that burden.  Being a single mom with 3 kids with only my mom with me was very hard especially in moving situation like this. But when I chose Two Small Men with Big Hearts movers (actually there were 5 of them on my list), they lightened up my burden. They were so dependable. Despite of the bad weather, they were very pleasant. They made sure that my belongings didn’t get wet.  The guys that helped me were well mannered. Overall, the service was excellent.

Easy moving experience
Spencer Dalensky3
Winnipeg | May 18, 2013

My son was going to move out, so we thought hiring a moving company is for the best. We contacted this company who helped us move last time. It surprised us that they remembered us and gave us a really good price for moving to Winnipeg. I will be your loyal customer for life!

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