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Moving day is quickly approaching and you need to decide on Hamilton movers. When you’re moving to Hamilton, ON there are so many things to focus on. There’s the packing, the moving truck, the lifting, and various other things. Our Hamilton movers can help you with just about everything on your list of things to do. We believe that moving to Hamilton, ON should be easy and we want to make sure that happens by offering many services for you to choose from.

Hamilton Movers Can Make Your Move Simple

When you’re moving to Hamilton, ON, you want to ensure you get help with every part of moving day. When you hire our Hamilton movers, we will show up at the scheduled time in front of your house. We will send you at least two movers who have gotten the buddy system down to an art form so that your house is emptied methodically into one of our clean moving trucks.

Our Hamilton movers will use the best equipment to protect your things. This includes hand trucks and dollies for moving heavy items as well as furniture pads to prevent breaking and scratching. We are so confident of our movers helping with moving to Hamilton, ON.

Choosing to get assistance from us when you’re moving to Hamilton, ON means that you have more time for other things. Our Hamilton movers will do all the lifting of everything in your home into the truck and off of the truck. Just tell us where you want things and that’s where they’ll go. As we’re doing all of the manual labor, you can focus on getting to know your community, introducing yourself to the neighbors, and much more.

Moving to Hamilton, ON is supposed to be about starting a new life for yourself. If you’re stressed, that’s not a good thing. Take advantage of our services, and our Hamilton movers will show you how moving day can be relaxing.

Our Hamilton Movers Help Every Step Of The Way

When it comes to moving to Hamilton, ON, you want to make sure that you aren’t overwhelmed with moving and that’s why we do what we do. Our services aren’t limited to loading up a moving truck and driving it to your new home. When you want help with things before and after the move, our Hamilton movers are here to help.

Packing isn’t something everyone likes to do. Our Hamilton movers will help you with the packing of your home. Call us, and we’ll send our movers out to your home. We’ll bring the boxes, the packing materials, and everything else. With our help, moving to Hamilton, ON is much easier.

Storage isn’t always an option in your new home but with our Hamilton movers it is. Just let us help you find a storage unit when you’re moving to Hamilton, ON.

Moving to Hamilton, ON is a great way to move on with your life. When moving day is approaching, call us, and our Hamilton movers will be there to help you with everything.



Everything arrived safely and reasonably quickly considering the short notice.
Roger Drinkall4
Hamilton | March 19, 2013

I moved recently from Toronto for a job in Hamilton. I was dealing with another moving company but they called me several days prior and inflated their quote. I heard about Two Small Men and contacted them for a quote. They promptly provided an accurate quote that included delivery dates and responded to any questions I had. Everything arrived safely and reasonably quickly considering the short notice. 

House to house moving - 30 minutes away
M. Cheers12
Hamilton | July 2, 2009

I'm going to ignore the fact that they were 30 minutes late showing up - they got lost, which has happened to others. But they didn't start the clock running until they got there. There were three guys who did the move - at the beginning of July on a hot day. It took two trips unfortunately, but it wasn't for lack of trying - they packed their van to the utmost. They also had the best price of the three companies I called. While others were charging $30/hour 'fuel charge', they had a single flat fee, which makes sense (gas was around $1.25 at the time). I couldn't understand why other companies were charging by the hour - even if the van was just sitting idle.


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