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When you’re moving to Regina, SK with the help of our Regina movers, we can make everything much easier for you. We offer a wide range of services so that you only have to be involved as much as you want to be. From packing up your home to moving you all the way to Regina, we will help you however we can. Our Regina movers will help you before moving day even arrives so there’s nothing you have to do but call us to schedule your move.

Our Regina Movers Offer Packing & Moving Services

Every part of moving to Regina, SK can be very easy with our assistance. Part of moving to Regina, SK means having to box up the contents of your drawers, cabinets and much more. Our Regina movers can assist you. We’ll show up before moving day and bring the necessary packing materials, too. This way you can save time to focus on other things.

On moving day, we will send at least two Regina movers with a moving truck to your home. We use dollies, furniture pads and much more to protect everything of yours while it gets moved into the truck as well as during transit. We take the responsibility of moving to Regina, SK very seriously. Should anything become damaged because of our Regina movers, we will be financially responsible.

Our Regina movers are going to get everything from your home into the truck. After that, we will handle the driving. Once we arrive at your new home, we’ll also unload the truck so that there’s no heavy lifting on your part. All you have to do is tell us where everything goes, which will make moving to Regina, SK that much easier for you.

When we’re bringing things into your new home, be specific as to where you want things. Moving to Regina, SK shouldn’t be hard for you. This can be made possible by letting us assemble beds, put furniture in the proper orientation and deliver boxes to the correct rooms. Our Regina movers will take direction very well.

Get Help From Our Regina Movers

There’s no reason that our Regina movers can’t assist with everything that is involved with moving day. We’ll do the packing, and the moving, but there are other services that you can take advantage of as well.

Before moving day, let us know if you need storage facilities. We can find you a self-storage unit to meet your size needs. We will negotiate a great rate for you and our Regina movers will get everything inside for you as well. This will ensure moving to Regina, SK doesn’t involve running out of room in your new home.

Moving to Regina, SK should be done on your terms. If you didn’t want to drive your personal vehicle from your current home to Regina, let us know. We can handle moving your vehicle for you. Our movers will handle your vehicle as well as the possessions from you home.

Moving to Regina, SK is simply easier with our help.



Stress Free
Nancy Upton4
Regina | March 15, 2015

Everyone we hаd spоken with, wеrе inсrediblу helpful and kind.  I sроke with three or four реоple inсluding the ownеr, аnd everуоne wаs very helpful and professional. I selected thеm rаndomlу, with no refеrrаl, so I was a littlе concerned, however they were great. They prоvided the license аnd bоnd infоrmation upfrоnt withоut bеing аsked fоr it, whiсh I fееl is imроrtant. The whоle mоve wаs cоmpleted within thе еstimated time of 7 hours, even with the traffic setback. It was the mоst strеss frее, comfоrtable mоving expеrience I hаve ever hаd.

A company you can be confident in
Gordon Remkin2
Regina | Aug. 22, 2013

Recently, I moved my daughter's belongings from Kingston to Regina for her new job.   I did do some researches and found that Two Small Men have a very good reputation.  They packed and moved home our daughter's valuables very carefully.  I liked how professional they were and in my opinion, this is a company you can be confident in because they do their job properly.


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