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The idea of moving to Saskatoon, SK with professional Saskatoon movers shouldn’t be a scary thought. Let us help you with your move. Our Saskatoon movers will handle virtually everything that you don’t want to deal with. We can be of assistance with everything from packing up your home to getting you to your new home. Talk to us, and we’ll help you with your move in any way we can.

Moving Day With Saskatoon Movers

Our Saskatoon movers are going to make moving day very simple for you. Once you open the door for us, your job is done. Moving to Saskatoon, SK involves getting everything from your home onto the back of the truck. When you hire us, you’re hiring our experience, our truck, and our labor. Our experience protects your valuables, our truck makes sure your valuables arrive safely, and our labor prevents you from lifting a finger when moving to Saskatoon, SK.

Our Saskatoon movers will do all of the driving. When you’re moving to Saskatoon, SK from anywhere in the world, we can be of assistance. Whether it’s picking up a cargo container from a loading dock or arriving at your home somewhere in the country, we will get your belongings to your new home in Saskatoon. If you need assistance with personal vehicles, our Saskatoon movers can move those, too.

On moving day, moving to Saskatoon, SK can be complicated because of making sure you have the time to set up your new home. When we’re doing the moving, you have time to start unpacking boxes to get yourself situated faster. Our Saskatoon movers make it even easier by helping you with furniture position, placing boxes in the correct rooms and even placing boxes on countertops and shelves to prevent any additional lifting for you.

Ask Our Saskatoon Movers For Assistance

There’s no need to do the moving to Saskatoon, SK on your own. While we do offer assistance on moving day, we offer assistance before and after moving day as well. We don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to or don’t have time for, which is why our Saskatoon movers are very versatile in their skills.

Our Saskatoon movers also make excellent packing professionals. Moving to Saskatoon, SK is about boxing up the contents of your home. When you don’t have time or patience for this task, you can rely on us to handle it for you. We’ll supply the boxes, the packing material and the labor to get it done.

Our Saskatoon movers can find you the right storage unit for things you can’t fit into your new home. When you’re moving to Saskatoon, SK, you don’t want to fill your garage, closets and attic with things you don’t use often. Simply let us find the right storage unit and we’ll get things moved into it, too.

When you’re moving to Saskatoon, SK, we offer a lot of services for you to take advantage of. Beyond moving day, our Saskatoon movers will help you with many things to simplify your move.



They took good care of my furniture
Angie Fenstein3
Saskatoon | April 10, 2015

The Two Small Men moving staff were very polite, worked really hard and were so pleasant the whole time. I called a few places when I was initially looking for movers but they all were very expensive. I felt very comfortable with TSM because they were so professional. They took good care of my furniture, packed up the loose items that I had lying around and were patient when I asked them to move the furniture around in my new place after changing my mind a few times.

Helpful & efficient.
Alex H.2
Saskatoon | Nov. 5, 2013

I found Two Small Men very helpful & efficient. They were were very careful with my fragile items and placed things as I asked. They were on time & ready to work. I would certainly use them again.


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