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What’s the Best Way to Save Money on Your Move?

Move Mid-Month to Save Up to $30 Per Hour

Looking for the very best way to make your next move more affordable? It’s a lot easier than you think. All you have to do is avoid moving at the beginning or the end of the month! Yes, it’s true, the number one way to save money on your move with Two Small Men is simply to move in the middle of the month.

Why are Mid-Month Moves Less Expensive?

The beginning and end of the month are the most popular times for moving. It makes sense since most leases or sales start or end at those times. However, that means moving companies are a lot busier. Like most moving companies (and many other services, including Uber) at Two Small Men, we adjust our prices based on the demand for them. So, when the demand for our movers is high, the prices go up.

If you have flexible moving dates, we can pretty much always find you a great discount (up to $30 per hour) on your move. So make sure to let your move coordinator know about this when you’re in the process of booking your move so they can work on finding you the best deal.

 When is a Mid-Month Move?

Like we mentioned before, our moving prices are based on our availability and demand. So the “mid-month” window can actually happen at different times during different months. In general, it’s never outside of between the 4th and 24th of the month, though sometimes the window is smaller.

We’ll always let you know if your move qualifies for a discount, and if you ask your moving coordinator about possible discounts, they’ll tell you what days you could move that will offer the highest savings.

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 What Else Can You Do to Save Money when Moving?

We’ll always offer you the best deal we can, but if you want to make your move even more budget-friendly, there are some things you can do on your own.

In addition to your move date, there are three main “you” factors that impact the cost of your move: how much stuff you have, how prepared you are, and the location access points.

Here’s how you can help get the price of your move down:

* Downsize

The less stuff you have, the less your move will cost. Simple as that. Because most people end up moving a whole bunch of things they don’t need or want anymore, a simple way to get a cheaper move is to get rid of some of it first.

We suggest you consider donating some of your items to a charity that will help people who need it more. We have a partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Associations of Alberta and BC that can make donating clothing and small furniture easy and convenient. We have the same type of program available for large furniture through our partnership with the Habitat for Humanity Restore. As well, if you need to get rid of access non-perishable food before a move, we are Move For Hunger partners.

* Be Prepared

We all know time is money. That means the best way to save money when moving is to save time. The more prepared and organized you are, the faster your move will go. Always label everything accurately and have things ready and gathered where they are easy to pick up and load.

Want to go at super speed? We always offer packing services as well as furniture assembly, but if you do these things on your own, your move will cost even less.

* Make Things Accessible

Something that always makes a move cost more is when movers have to take time to navigate across streets or over ice, or when they have to wait for elevators that haven’t been booked. Make sure your moving company has easy, safe, convenient access to your old and new homes if possible.

 Ready to Book Your Affordable Move?

If you’re planning a move, the best way to make sure it fits within your budget is to start with a free moving estimate. After you fill out our easy estimate form, you’ll be contacted by a friendly move coordinator who can tell you all about available discounts, and moving days with better rates.