Long Distance Moves

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Stress-free, Safe & Reliable Long-Distance Moves

We know long distance moves are tiring, so we want to do everything we can to make the move easier on you. From planning your move to safely packing your belongings and delivering your possessions, Two Small Men with Big Hearts will take care of the smallest detail when it comes to your long-distance move. Our moving service includes:

  • Free estimates for both residential and commercial moves across Canada
  • Full-service, partial, fragile-only packing services
  • Loading, unloading, unpacking, uncrating & help with donations
  • Vehicle transport services
  • Affordable storage spaces before, during or after moving
  • Special item moving for delicate items like piano or family heirlooms

Your Long-Distance Move – Step by Step

Step 1: Your long-distance move starts when we reach your place with our moving truck. We help you pack and code every box before we put it in the truck.

Step 2: Take time to pack, and we’ll load already packed items securely into our truck. We take photos and create a tag list to maintain the accuracy of the quantity and condition of the items.

Step 3: As soon as all the items are loaded, your belongings are moved to the new destination. If you need extra time between your moves, we can keep your items at one of our storage facilities.

Step 4: All items are delivered to your new location and placed in the room corresponding to the label on the box. The coding system helps us to be extra-sure that each box is located exactly where it needs to be placed.

Step 5: After your move is complete, you receive an automated survey. This helps in evaluating every aspect of your move. Our job is to make your day more comfortable, and your feedback helps us improve our services.

Why Consider Two Small Men with Big Hearts for Long Distance Moves?

Whether you’re moving to a new neighbourhood, new city, or a new province, change can be overwhelming. Moving is not just about getting your furniture from Point A to Point B: rather, it’s about moving your memories and most precious belongings safely.

At Two Small Men with Big Hearts, we have more than 30 offices across the country to get you and your belongings to where you need to go. Our professional and reliable moving and storage

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