Special Item and Vehicle Transport

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Special Item and Vehicle Transport

When moving houses, you don’t want to leave any valuables behind. Moving logistics are complicated enough without the added hassle of transporting your most precious items—and those are often the hardest to transport.  

When we say that we treat your items like our own, we mean itWhether you’re unable to drive one of your own vehicles or you need extra space for a grand piano, our movers have a safe and smart solution. 

Easily transport your special items 

Some items take special care to move. Moving pianos, artwork, family heirlooms, and other special items need not only extra care, but experience and skill. Luckily, Two Small Men has over 30 years of experienceand we know how to move your large and fragile valuables safely and securely. Our moving experts will move and secure your items to ensure they arrive undamaged and require the minimum in re-tuning, if at all. 

Get safe and reliable vehicle movers 

Planning a longdistance move and worried about making the drive? Maybe you’d rather fly to your new city. Maybe your family has more than one vehicle but would prefer to all drive together. Maybe you don’t want to drive your collector’s vehicle cross-country through harsh winter road conditions. 

Whatever the reason, our Vehicle Movers service can get your car transported with no hassle. It’s part of our guarantee to help you complete a stress-free move. 

Hiring a professional auto transporter can cost you a lot. Instead of spending money on an extra service—and having to verify if this service is licensed and insured—you can rely on your movers at Two Small Men to take your vehicles with them. We’re insured for damage and committed to making sure that your car arrives in perfect condition. 

How our vehicle movers do it

Towing is the safest way to move your car. Our fleet of flatbed tow trucks is ready to transport your cars from your old home to your new one. We time our tow trucks perfectly to ensure your vehicles arrive at the same time as your belongings. 

All you have to do is contact us to start planning your move and ask one of our moving advisorabout moving your vehicle. 

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