Special Item and Vehicle Transport

//Special Item and Vehicle Transport
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Special Item and Vehicle Transport

Making a long distance move and worried about making the drive? Maybe you’d rather fly to your new city. Maybe you’re family has more than one vehicle but would prefer to all drive together. Maybe you have a collector’s vehicle you’d prefer not to drive such a long distance.  

With Two Small Men, there’s no need to worry about the long drive with your vehicle, because we’ll do it for you. Our movers can make arrangements to handle your personal vehicles along with your belongings. We can arrange for a flat-bed tow so that your vehicle arrives at the same time as your belongings. Our service is fully insured and our commitment to making sure your valuables arrive in the condition they left applies to your car as well. 

Some items take special care to move. Moving Pianos, artwork, family heirlooms, and other special items requires not only extra care, but experience and skill. Luckily, Two Small Men has over 30 years experience and the expertise to let us move your instruments and valuables safely and securely. Our moving experts will move and secure your items to ensure they arrive undamaged and require the minimum in re-tuning, if at all. 

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