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Jose Dantonio (Edmonton):

“I followed the advice of a friend and hired Two Small Men to help move a threebedroom home from Edmonton back to Barrie, Ontario. Long journey but their time and cost estimates proved to be spot-on. Two Small Men movers are both patient and efficient in getting the job done. This is my thanks to a great company that made a tough job pleasant.”

Karen White (Richmond):

I hired Two Small Men to move from an office in Nanaimo to Richmond because we’ve grown past our capacity. The guys came in, and had everything moved in a day. Very professional and efficient movers.”

Leon Garildi (Red Deer):

“I was looking for a moving company to move my entire inventory to another warehouse. My colleague recommended Two Small Men for their professionalism. I followed the advice and received a super moving service. Thank you for the great job.”

Perkins (Calgary):

 “I called several moving companies but I was most comfortable with Two Small Men’s reviews and got a really professional feel when I first called in. They were great to deal with and got back to you quickly on rates and availability. We needed help on packing a pod and getting a two bedroom across the city. They moved everything tight but carefully and I appreciate that they used runners, blankets, foam and plastic where needed.”

Joel Rajiva (Red Deer):

I hired Two Small Men to move my things from Red Deer to Fort St. John and the move was seamless. The movers came in, loaded up all our boxers and even helped us re-mantle the heavier items. The trip was roughly 4 hours with light traffic and this moving company was amazing throughout.”

Tim Chamberlain (Medicine Hat):

“My wife hired Two Small Men for our move from Medicine Hat to Kamloops based on a blogpost. She follows them on twitter and after our move she shares all their posts. Personally, I found them to be everything a moving service should be: hard-working.”

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