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Our Calgary movers have made it their goal to offer services that you won’t find from other moving companies. We offer the standard moving assistance with the truck, we also offer assistance with loading and unloading. However, what sets us apart from other Calgary Movers is that we make moving to Calgary, AB completely stress free for you by offering various other services.

Moving to Calgary, AB is Easier with Calgary Movers

Way before moving day arrives, moving to Calgary, AB can be simplified with our help. We can provide you with a wide range of boxes and other packing materials. This way you can pack up everything without using any old boxes that you found somewhere. We can also provide you with some packing tips to help you ensure dishes and everything else make it to your new home without breaking.

If you don’t want to do any of the packing, we understand. Our Calgary Movers can be hired to handle all of your packing. When you want to focus on other things about moving to Calgary, AB, let our Calgary movers do everything for you. Our Calgary movers will show up a few days before the move and pack up the things from every room in the house.

When you’re moving to Calgary, AB, you also want assistance with all of the loading and unloading of your belongings in and out of the moving truck. When you hire us for your move, we will procure the moving truck from our fleet and we’ll bring Calgary movers that have years of experience. You can relax while our movers do all of the lifting for you.

Our Calgary movers have completed a number of moves in and around the area. When you want help with something, just ask. They have most likely heard of every request. Whether it’s getting help with setting up a bed or asking for the boxes to be removed after moving day, we aim to provide you with services designed to make your life easier.

Our Calgary Movers Can Help

Think about all of the ways moving to Calgary, AB is stressful. Now think about the way that our Calgary movers can help you. You may be able to hand us half of your to-do list so that there is more time for you to worry about getting cable hooked up and meeting your new neighbors.

Talk to us about storage units. We have some connections with self-storage facilities. When you’re moving to Calgary, AB, you might not have room for everything in your new home. We will be able to find you a great unit at a great price. Our Calgary movers will also coordinate getting everything into the unit for you.

Talk to us about moving your personal vehicles. If you didn’t want to make multiple trips when moving to Calgary, AB, we can assist by helping you with your personal vehicles. We’ll arrange transport, allowing you to arrive in a way that is more convenient for you.

Calgary movers are here to help you, so all you have to do is find out how we can help. Moving to Calgary, AB doesn’t have to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, so just ask us to move you.



Quick, Fair, Careful
T. Perkins2
Calgary | March 3, 2017

I called several moving companies but I was most comfortable with Two Small Men's reviews and got a really professional feel when I first called in. They were great to deal with and got back to you quickly on rates and availability. We needed help on packing a pod and getting a two bedroom across the city. They moved everything tight but carefully and I appreciate that they used runners, blankets, foam and plastic where needed.

I am very satisfied with their service
Henry Finch8
Calgary | Sept. 20, 2013

We just moved in Calgary the other day and haven’t finished unpacking yet. I just remembered this company because I am very satisfied with the services offered by them. They offer a good service package depending on your needs and situation. Even if I moved to the 5th floor, they told me about the precautions of not fitting my favorite couch into an elevator and that they will try their best to make things easy for me which they did. I am very satisfied with their service. They really hired good, experienced people, a company which is remarkably worthwhile.

I got a very bad experience with a moving company last 3 years so I never contact them.
Marvin Porter5
Calgary | June 7, 2013

I got a very bad experience with a moving company last 3 years so I never contact them. I ask my son to look for another company and he gave me this company, Two Small Men with Big Hearts (because it has a nice, funny name he said). At first when I made my inquiry, the customer service was pretty generous and helpful. Then when I decided to hire them, I got no regrets at all. They stick on their commitment and they arrived on time. The men that helped us in carrying our furniture were very friendly and seemed not getting tired at all. They even asked us if we needed their help to unpack our things but it was totally manageable.  I even asked for a calling card and told them that I would recommend their company to my friends and colleagues.

Worth recommending
Lawrence Chow6
Calgary | March 15, 2013

At first I was indecisive whether to rent a van or just use ours, but I needed someone to help me carrying all of our stuff. I am so happy that I chose Two Small Men because they truly have a good heart and they are very reliable. The guy who I talked to me over the phone was very nice and suggested good possibilities for me to have a smooth moving service. It was truly an easy moving day after all those stressful “pack-up” days. They have the equipment that made moving easy. The guys that helped me just needed a little supervision and I handed them my inventory. It was truly a smooth, easy moving day for all of us and I am so happy that I used their service. Worth recommending!

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