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Our Richmond movers can make all the difference when you’re moving. If you’ve been wondering how you’re going to get everything done in time for moving day – and even on moving day, you can take advantage of our wide range of services. Moving to Richmond, BC can be very easy by using our services. We offer stress free moving service to Richmond, BC.

Moving Day Made Simple with Richmond Movers

On moving day, our Richmond movers will make your life easy. We will show up with a moving truck and at least two movers. Once inside, we will get to know what’s going and what’s staying. There’s no need to do any lifting because we will do it all for you. We understand moving to Richmond, BC is stressful enough, so there’s no need to add heavy lifting to the list of things for you to do.

As we pack the truck, we will do so methodically. We will use furniture pads and much more to prevent any damage to your things. Some Richmond movers throw things into the back of the truck. This isn’t our style. We have so much faith in our movers that we will guarantee moving to Richmond, BC without any damages. In case of any damages we’ll cover the costs of repairs.

Part of moving to Richmond, BC is setting up your new home. When we arrive to your new home, give us a tour. The better we know how your new home is laid out and where you want things, the better we can help. Our Richmond movers will place boxes in the corresponding rooms and help you set up the furniture in the way that you want.

If there’s something you want from our Richmond movers, don’t hesitate to speak up.

Richmond Movers Offer Added Services

Moving to Richmond, BC is about moving day, but it’s the things before and after that matter as well. With our services you do not have to stress out about moving to Richmond, BC.

Our Richmond movers will handle all packing. Bookcases, cabinets and more must be emptied. When you need assistance, call us. We make moving to Richmond, BC that much easier because we’ll bring the boxes and handle filling them, too

Our Richmond movers can help you find a storage unit. When you’re moving to Richmond, BC and don’t have room in your house for everything, let us know. We’ll get the right unit for what needs to be stored. Our Richmond movers will also get everything into the unit.

Our Richmond movers will move personal vehicles for you. Regardless of how far you’re moving from, moving to Richmond, BC may involve you wanting to fly or take another mode of transport. When that’s the case, our movers can take care of getting your vehicles to your new home.

Talk to our Richmond movers and see how we can help make your move very easy.



Professional and efficient
Karen White0
Richmond | April 19, 2017

I hired Two Small Men to move from an office in Nanaimo to Richmond because we’ve grown past our capacity. The guys came in, and had everything moved in a day. Very professional and efficient movers.

Business move
Shawn Bellhouse7
Richmond | Oct. 26, 2013

We were going to start a new business in downtown Richmond, and needed to get a couple of fixtures moved from both our old location and a warehouse.  We decided to hire Two Small Men to do the moving. They moved the fixtures very fast from the warehouse and the store location in one day and helped us to put those shelves in the exact place we wanted to. You guys did a great job for us, thank you!

One of the few movers in the area that does both moving and storage
Linda O.3
Richmond | Feb. 8, 2013

I got a new set of furniture before I moved (I know, dumb) and wanted to put all my old furniture in a storage for a short bit before I sold it.  I found Two Small Men online as one of the few movers in the area that does both moving and storage. I called for the information and found that they offered a pretty good deal. They helped me put my old furniture into their storage, wrapped it up and did the move the same day. That’s very convenient.


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